Tonight #bbnaijareunion episode starring Saskay vs Jaypaul and Cr0ss.

Tonight #bbnaijareunion episode starring Saskay vs Jaypaul and Cross.

Tonight #bbnaijareunion episode starring Saskay vs Jaypaul and Cross.

Tonight’s #bbnaijareunion episode starring Saskay versus “men in their 30s”

Saskay: I knew what I wanted from the beginning of the show. I was hoping I could just be friends with Cross and JayPaul without anything attached. I’ve always wanted a balance between both of them

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Saskay admits she had an emotional connection with Jaypaul in the house than Cross.

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Jaypaul: I’ve always supported her outside the house and I looked forward to a beautiful friendship. I wanted Saskay to shine. I sacrificed for you yet your family and friends kept talking about how I manipulated you. I’d wanted her to just acknowledge me.

Jaypaul: I told my aunt to buy flowers, The flowers were from me. She denied me more times more than Judas denied Jesus Christ. Every time we met after the show, I never for once ignored him. A friend checks on people and I don’t think we are friends

Saskay: Jaypaul, you are a fvcking lïar and you need to do better. The flower you are talking about that you sent was sent to me by my fans, not you. I didn’t get any flower from Jaypaul. During all my interviews after the show, i always say he is my friend, i never said anything bad about him. All three conversations i had with Jaypaul was complains about my fans attacking him, i got tired of the complains so i decided to keep our friendship off social media.

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