Top 5 Most Controversial #BBNaija Season 6 Housemates

Top 5 Most Controversial Season6 Housemates.

Boma, Tega, Angel
  1. Tega Dominic
Tega Dominic

Tega has always been on the news for different reasons, she has been involved in many controversial issues including her affair with fellow Housemate Boma, her Personal relationship with fellow Housemates, calling out her ex BBN colleagues on social media etc. Tega who is never afraid to speak up when she wants to, is definitely one of the most controversial BBN season6 ex Housemate.

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2. Queen Mercy Atang.


Queen is never afraid to air her opinion publicly and doesn’t hesitate to call out anyone who steps on her toes. Queen Mercy has been involved in lots of controversial issues, including her on and off relationship with BBN 6 Winner WhiteMoney which caused a major stir on social media. some few weeks ago, she called out fellow ex Housemate Maria Chike over a brand endorsement deal Maria signed. She said she was first contacted for the deal but she refused due to the offer being made by the brand. Going further she said “Maria Chike should stop showcasing her cheap endorsment deals”, that it was a deal she rejected that Maria signed. Queen is still one of the most talked about Season6 Housemate till date.

3. Boma Akpore.

Boma Akpore

Boma was a name on everyone’s lips while he was on the BBNaija show, he had several controversial issues in the house including having a physical altercation with fellow Housemate Angel Smith. His most controversial moment till date was about the relationship he had with fellow Housemate Tega Dominic.

4 : Angel Smith.

ANGEL has been on the news for so many reasons, she decides when to trend and who to trend with. She is never afraid to express herself and how she feel about someone or something.she has been involved in different public and private altercation with many of her ex BBN housemates. Fondly called Angel Dollar by her fans, many more controversial moment awaits on the media space, as long as Angel Smith is around..

5.. Maria Chike.

The controversial Maria became a trend right from the first day she entered the BBN house. She’s arguably the most controversial BBN Season6 housemate, issues ranging from her endorsement deal signing rates, her relationship/friendships with fellow housemates etc. Maria was publicly called out by popular Instagram influencer Cubana Chiefpriest, he accused Maria of trying to snatch his sister’s husband.

This said issue is still trending to date.On a positive note, the controversies has really helped Maria as a brand, despite exiting very early from the BBN show, she’s currently the most endorsed BBN season 6 housemates with over eight different endorsement brands at our disposal, Maria also has one of the biggest fanbase in BBN history

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