People feels safe when they see us that’s why we wear army uniform to rob and kidnap – Suspected Robbers

People feels safe when they see us that’s why we wear army uniform to rob.

One Ibrahim Musa who is a member and leader of the 11 man gang of kidnappers who terrorize motorist on the road.

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He was recently arrested alongside his gang members by men of the police response .

On explaining to daily sun Ibrahim Musa said.

My name is Musa Ibrahim, I am 27 years old. I am a kidnapper. I have participated in three kidnap operations where we kidnapped about 10 persons. In our operation somewhere in Gwagwalada, we kidnapped five people, we kidnapped two at Kachia and three Soba.

I have two AK 47 rifles that I operate with. I bought them after I found kidnapping to be lucrative, but the police recovered one of the guns after I was arrested while the other one is still where I hid it.

I have made N600, 000 since I joined the group. In my first operation with them, I was given N170,000, the second one I was given 250,000 and the last operation I got N180,000. I used the money to take care of my wife and children because I am a married man with children.

We used to get our information on who to attack and kidnap from some people in the village who we pay to give us information and sometimes we just go to the highways and mount roadblock and watch out for big and expensive cars and passengers vehicle. We target such vehicles because we are sure to get money from the victims especially the owners of big vehicles they don’t like to waste time, they pay us whatever we demand in matter of hours and go away. We also go after commercial vehicles because they carry very important people and children of big men who do everything in their powers to rescue their children.

When we first started kidnapping, we don’t use to wear military camouflage and we found that when some vehicles notice our presence on the road they quickly make a reverse and alert other vehicle not to ply the route then they will go and alert the security personnel who will now come after us. So, to make motorists feel safe, we then decided to be wearing army camouflage to rob. And since we took that decision, it has been working very well because motorists no longer see us as armed robbers, they now see us as soldiers on duty and we go into action when they get close and we open fire.

Wearing the military camouflage has paid off as it is now easier for us to get our victims. Motorists respect army uniform and they have started respecting us and stop unlike when we wore our usual clothes they would sight us and escape from our attack but they don’t do that to people wearing army uniform, that’s why we wear military camouflage to rob.

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