“Church Miracle: All miracles you see on TV or crusades are staged, not REAL – Fr Kelvin Ugwu

“Church Miracle: All miracles you see on TV or crusades are staged, not REAL – Fr Kelvin Ugwu

A Catholic priest rev father Kelvin Ugwu has warned today christians that not all what they see on TV church crusades are real.

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He futher stated that most miracles on shown on TV


“Church Miracle: All miracles you see on TV or crusades are staged, not REAL – Fr Kelvin Ugwu”

That is the trending headline on some blog sites.

Well, it is not today that people started misrepresenting me and twisting my words to suit whatever they want to sell.

It is actually because we are lovers of sensational headlines and stories that bloggers always find a way to sell them to us. And in truth, they always get the much-needed traffic.

This is the same way most people are using the name of Christianity to destroy homes and people. They know we are not often very objective or even very rational. They sell anything and everything to us and we buy.

Even people who are so educated and call themselves graduates can be easily deceived by a small boy who never went to primary school the moment he uses religion.

All he needs to do is to carry the bible, formulate ‘prophecies’, and stage one or two healings, then sit back and watch how he will be controlling everyone as though they are animals.

Even on my wall, some persons have carried that post on Miracles on their heads as if it is a fight between Catholics and Pentecostals.

All I can say is this, not many of you will see what I am saying now, but I am sure, soon you will understand. Some of you who are claiming “too” spiritual and “too” holy and will come here to remind me how you are in so and so level in the spirit, you are the ones I feel for the most. You are often the first to leave the faith because your faith is not solidly rooted in an informed reason.

Does God heal, does he still perform miracles and come through for us? The answer is a big YES

Did I say all miracles on TV or during crusades are fake and are staged? I leave that to you to answer.

Our case is a classical example of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.

Meanwhile, let me go and watch Cameroon and Egypt match with a bottle of Fanta before the children of this world, even with their smartphones, will come here to ask if Allegory of the Cave is the name of a soup in Malawi and if Plato is a vegetable.

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