Police Arrest Three boys age 17, 19, 20, Suspects Accused Of Killing Lady For Ritual in Abeokuta.

Police Arrest Three Suspects Accused Of Killing Lady For Ritual in Abeokuta.

TRAGEDY: These 3 boys of 17, 19 and 20 years old were caught in Abeokuta around 3am this morning while they were burning a fresh human head (female) in a local pot in an uncompleted building for Rituals. The victim was identified as one Rofiat, a GF of one of the perpetrators.

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They lured Rofiat into their house, broke her neck and cut her head off with a machete. The videos are too gruesome to post here. 

They left Rofiat’s lifeless body in their room with blood all over, locked the door and proceeded to an uncompleted building to burn the head.

This tragedy happened at Oke-Aregba in Abeokuta THIS MORNING, Saturday, 29th January 2022. 

A local Vigilante perceived the smell coming from the uncompleted building, when he got to where the smell was coming from, he saw that they were roasting a human head. My God!

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