Nollywood actress and Billionaire wife Regina Daniels releases her chats with Jaruma as she issues statement explaining what went wrong between them

Nollywood actress and Billionaire wife Regina Daniels issued a statement addressing her dealings with Jaruma and what went wrong between them.

The billionaire wife said that she and Jaruma had an agreement for her to advertise her products, which she did, but Jaruma then wanted her to go beyond their agreement by posting things which were “deceitful” on her page.

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Regina said she disagreed and when there was a “major crisis” going on in her family, Jaruma took advantage of that to promote her products at the expense of the Nwoko family.

This comes after Jaruma’s post which she said that Ned Nwoko’s marriage to his Moroccan wife ended because of the kayanmata (sex-enhancing product) Regina allegedly used on Ned.

The chats are Below.


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