Buhari-led administration has performed more than the United States government in infrastructural development — Fashola

Buhari has done more than US government in infrastructure, says Babatunde Fashola

minister for Works Babatunde Fashola

 The honorable Minister of Works and Housing of the Federal Republic of Nigeria , Babatunde Fashola, claimed that the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration has achieved more than United States government is terms of infrastructure.

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Fashola stated this on Thursday, during a conversation series of the ruling All Progressives Congress, in Kano.

According to the former Governor of Lagos State, the current government has done more than all the previous governments when it comes to infrastructure.

“I can assure you that the present APC administration of President Buhari has achieved what even the US government is trying to do in terms of infrastructure,” Fashola said. “As of December 2021, we have completed no fewer than 941 kilometres of roads across all states and geopolitical zones in the country.

For instance, in Kano State here, there are 21 road projects either in, around or in the neighbouring communities by this administration.


“Before APC administration — when last do you remember the Federal Government completing even a 50-kilometre road in any part of Nigeria??

The Minister also alleged that People’s Democratic Party, PDP, stole the public funds and used it to invest in bigger countries during their reign, but APC brought back the stolen funds and invested them in infrastructure.

So, this is the positive change we promised Nigerians in 2015 and it is already happening,” he added. “They say we are the same as [PDP], but we are not.


“They stole money and took it abroad, but we are taking this money back and investing it in the area of infrastructure”.

He claimed that about 850 more projects — bridges, roads and houses are still ongoing.

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