#BBNaija : Why I was pissed at Laycon- Vee. #BBNaijaLockdown

BBNaija lockdown housemate Vee and Laycon trashed their differencies over a conversation.

Lay: You want me to stop talking to her because she chose someone over me?

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Vee: She is rubbing it to your face

Lay: She’s still doing it now and I’m not kool with that.

Vee: She’s taking advantage of you, who wouldn’t.

Lay: I’m a good guy.

Vee: You cooked for her yesterday. What did you make?

Lay: Yes.. (mentions the meal)

Vee: Will she do this for you?

Lay: I don’t know but when i injured my leg, she helped

Vee: That was then. Not now!

Lay: I don’t think not talking to her will change. The truth is that pain. I’m not pained when I see them. It’s disrespectful. I’m disgusted. It happens in front of me.

Lay: I’m not going to be rude.

Vee: Tell her to leave u.

Vee: Who else is she close to in this house?

Lay: No one

Vee: Only Tolani.

Lay: I’m not going to talk to her about this. I’m tired of this with this person. I just want to have fun and catch cruise.

Lay: I think you’re smart enough to understand it frm that prospective.

Vee: You’re her only friend in here aside Tolani & Tola is everyone’s friend.

Lay: Next time, talk to me & don’t be mad at me.

Vee: I wasn’t mad, i was pissed. Neo was asking me “is ur friend mad”

Lay: I don’t know honestly. I understand what you are trying to say.

Vee: I said your case is mad. That love poem..

Lay: It’s not love..

Vee: I don’t know, infatuation, lust.. Whatever it is

Lay: I’ve heard. I will try your style.

Vee: She came to me, said you don’t greet too. That everyone thinks she’s a werido. If you know you’ve not done anything wrong, then do you. You know someone likes u, & you’re kissing someone in front of that person, it’s not kool

Vee: Who’s her friend in this house?

Lay: No one!

Vee: She’s only friends wit Tolani & Tolani is friends wit everyone. Stop talking to her.

Lay: Alright.. I understand where you’re coming from. Next time tell me& don’t be mad at me!

#BBNaija #BBNaijaLockdown

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