#BBNaija : How Housemate won 3,000,000 Naira in the Guinness Smooth Hunt.

Big Brother gave the lockdown housemate their second Guinness task which is the Guinness Smooth Hunt which comprise of 5 task which Housemates has to complete for a 100 point where they won 3,000,000 Naira.

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Teams were given 5 games they would be participating in during the task and each games worth 20 points which only certain team members that would be participating at a given time. Game instructions were written on the board for housemates to follow.


In the football challenge which Ozo and Kiddwya represented their teams to face-off in the Football Challenge. The game was short and intense and was over almost instantly. Though the two Housemates seemed equally matched, there is always one Winner in a one-on-one game. Kiddwaya took one up on Ozo in a 2 -1 score, declaring a 20 point Win for Team Barley in the very first Challenge

In the next challenge which was the Guinness Smooth Stack  Erica took Praise on in a challenge to stack as many cups as possible on top of one another and secure a win for their Team. Praise stacked more cups and won  20 points for Team Hops

The next challenge which was the Guinness Smooth Goal

In these challenge Nengi and Vee represented their teams in this task where they had to score goals while net- blindfolded.  Nengi who began, and guided by Eric she managed to get through her Task with no issues. Vee took over and with the aid of Laycon telling her that she could do this, she managed to hold her own. Unfortunately, she lost her temper in the end after she heard a Housemate laughing in the background. Vee was upset because the laughter was distracting and disrespectful, she felt. Either way, she represented her Team and made them proud by winning the 20 points.

The next challenge which is

TIC TAC Smooth

The Game of Tic Tac Smooth started off well but in no time, turned to confusion. Biggie stepped in, and in one swoop, reminded the Housemates that they were not to talk to one another during the Tasks, handed them out a final warning and pointed out that Praise had broken a rule. Praise had stepped in the same square as Kaisha earning the Housemates a freeze while Biggie assessed the situation. In the end, it was Team Barley who won the Task and Won the points.

And The last task which was the Guinness Smooth Charade

The Game of Charades caused Dorathy and Lucy a little stress in the beginning as they tried to figure out the rules of the Game. Once they did, they took to their task with vigour to try and get their Teammates to understand what they were describing, without using words. though the game was very intense, the ladies handled it with decorum, and eventually, it was Team Barley represented by Lucy who Won the points.

Team Hops won the photography session and was therefore awarded a cash prize of N1,000,000. Team Barley Won the Games session and was awarded N2,000,000!

SOURCE: Africa magic.dstv.com

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