Electric shock killed man just weeks to his wedding in Abia State while trying to fix light at home

Man identified as Chukwudi has been electricuted In just few weeks to his wedding.

These tragic incident occurred in opobo Hill in Aba Abia state when Chukwudi tried to fix light in his apartment after noticing he doesn’t have light but his neighbor has.

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Chukwudi who isn’t a staff of any electricity company was just trying to fix light in his apartment while is traditional wedding is just few weeks away.

The electric shock which occurred in his own home in Aba .

Image of Chukwudi trying to fix electric light has surface online although he isnt working with any electricity company while his traditional wedding is in weeks as the wedding would obviously be cancelled.

Though the wedding date wasn’t reveal, but Chukwudi present will be greatly missed by his love ones.

Electric shock is a painful and tragic incident so we all should be careful and allow professionals handle it proper.

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