Coronavirus: Rwanda uses robot to conduct testing and help health care workers from contacting Covid-19

A total of five Robot has been delivered to Rwanda , these robots is capable of testing 150 people of Coronavirus in a minute.

The Rwanda Health Minister who broke the news says  the robot is a move to help health care workers reduce the risk of contacting Covid-19 from patients.

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The Robot which will act as video conference means between patient and doctor’s, the robots has so far been named.

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Each Robot has a Rwandan name, Akazuba, Ikizere, Mwiza, Ngabo, and Urumuri.

The Robot was manufactured in Belgium and is equiped with the capacity to perform 50-150 COVID-19 test a day the Health Minister said.

The Robots is build to record and store patients data, alert doctors of any abnormalities and emergency, and issue warning to people not wearing mask and those not wearing it properly.

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