Common worries among women’s about their body after child’s birth

Written by Dr Olawale ( Star Doctor )

A lot of women usually complain about adding weight during pregnancy, complain about how “out of shape” they are and how they dream of having their pre-pregnancy bodies back.

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It’s absolutely normal to gain weight in pregnancy.

Though it can be frustrating.

Truth is, pregnancy does come with the issue of weight gain, and although these changes become evident in the final months of pregnancy, it’s starts from the “begining”.

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As you saw above, weight gain in pregnancy isn’t just about the baby’s weight alone, there’s more.

Putting on weight, however can be dangerous as well. Excess weight gain in pregnancy could increase the risk of developing “Gestational Diabetes”, a condition where blood sugar levels increase in women with no history of such before they got pregnant.

Gestational Diabetes can increase the risk of Pre-eclampsia, and puts the baby at risk of gaining an excess amount of weight, a condition known as Fetal Macrosomia.

So, a healthy diet and lifestyle is very necessary.

But what happens to this weight gain after pregnancy?

Many women may find it difficult to whip up their bodies back to shape after child bearing, especially with the Lockdown, and many tend not to be happy with their figure, and this could have damaging effects on self-worth and enjoyment of their body after being pregnant.

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