You don’t need to spend your time with any short Man to be Close to God, Speed Darlington blast Prophet Odumeje

In a Video made by Speed Darlington, he was seen mocking Anambra Prophet, Prophet Odumeje .

In the video American base Nigerian singer Speed Darlington was seen accusing Prophet Odumeje as an attention seeker, and he vow never to join in making him popular.

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According to Speed Darlington “Nigerians should stop going to Prophet Odumeje church to look for miracle cause God lives everywhere,  he will soon run out of tactics, no pastor should humiliate his members and carry different stunt on them.

God lives everywhere except in Prophet Odumeje church, I have watch his videos and I am saying he is not a man of God, he is suffering from short people syndrome, you don’t need him to be close to God.

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According to Speed Darlington “You don’t need to spend your time with any short man like Odumeje to be close to God. Short people have syndrome. Odumeje is not a man of God. Tell him I said his power is Voodoo. Men of God don’t curse, they too holy. I watched Odumeje’s video and all he does is humiliate people, climb ontop of them, carry them up and hit them on the ground. You try it on me, I sue you. I will not keep talking about that bastard, that short man. I will not make him popular.” – Speed Darlington blasts Prophet Odumeje

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