Coronavirus: Nigeria and the world won’t return to normal until 2021

The NCDC boss Dr Chikwe Ihekweazu while speaking at the 24th edition of The Platform, hosted by Poju Oyemade’s Covenant Nation says there is a short term sacrifice Nigerians has to make for a safer future.

We have been face now by a reality that is difficult , every country right now is faced with the same challenge but the reality is that we are going to live with COVID-19 for the next year at the very least,”

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It is time that we need to start looking for a way for us to live safely with Coronavirus and they’re some some of the changes we would have to make are actually good things to have forever.

Emphasis on hand washing, sanitizers and personal hygiene and my my goal as the leader of the NCDC is that we continue this forever.

Let us not go back to post-ebola time of not washing our hands, for not only will they prevent Coronavirus but will stop the spread of other disease.

Mass gathering will be a challenge for us, but we have to try. Every business, every church… every religious gathering of any form, social gatherings, weddings, we really have to rethink how we do this in the short term.

To go out of these we need to stepup our personal hygiene because it’s time to build our country because we need the short term pain in order to gain the long term opportunity to return to normal socially rich life we are known for .

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