Covid-19: We are considering managing patients from their home

During the presidential taskforce media briefing today the Director General Nigerian Center for Disease Control Dr Chikwe Ihekweazu said they are considering managing Covid-19 patients at their home.

This is because there is challenges regarding to bed space in the isolation centers, these will also include them expanding testing in Lagos, Kano and Abuja who has the highest number of cases. As reported by TheCable

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“We are in the process of scaling up testing across the country and the key component that has changed in this is that in Lagos, Abuja and Kano, instead of waiting for people to call us, we are now going to where the patients are,” he added.

“Ultimately, we might have to change our strategy a little bit, start considering home care in certain circumstances, where first we are able to provide a room where a patient can be managed sufficiently, and secondly we’re able to support the care by enabling healthcare workers come to that,” he said.

“But we will always be honest with Nigerians. We are struggling at the moment. We might have to adapt our strategy because of the realities we face over the next few days and weeks and as we do that, we’ll make that clear to Nigerians.

“Our policy hasn’t changed, but the pressure is there and that might have to change in the next few days.”

But we might be managing patients from home soon


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