Coronavirus not written of faces- NCDC tells Kogi

The Nigerian Center for Disease control NCDC has said that Kogi, Yobe and cross River State who are yet to record any case of Coronavirus is because they are yet to send in enough samples as the only way to scale up Covid-19 is by testing.

Viruses are not written on the forehead and only tests could show if anyone is infected

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These was made by the DG NCDC DR Chikwe Ihekweazu, but the Kogi state government has since dismissed the statement saying it was directed to shame the state.

He further stated

“I won’t join issues with any executive governor of any state in Nigeria. I think I have made my position very clear yesterday. My role is to interpret the evidence the best way we can. This is not only about COVID-19, when we urge people to go for HIV testing, it is because nobody has written HIV on his forehead,” he said.

“The only way you can know whether you have this virus in the early days is to get tested. The way we talk about it, we’ve had the largest number of Lassa fever cases in Nigeria ever. We have it because we’ve become more aware, we are testing more and we are finding more.

“The only way we can understand the scale of COVID-19 is by testing. So, it’s really not a controversial issue, everybody has agreed on that fact, we are pushed everyday to test more. I don’t think my comments were controversial, my role is to continue supporting every state in Nigeria with labs, opportunities to test.


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