Kano mass death not extraordinary-FG

The federal government through the Ministry of health has announce that the mass death happening in Kano state is not extraordinary.

The Minister for Health made these known when he said on Tuesday 28 April that a fact finding team is being setup and will soon be deployed to Kano  to acertain the cause of dead of hundreds happening in Kano.

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“There’s national concern about the sharp increase of COVID-19 positive cases in Kano concentrated in seven municipal council areas and also about certain so-called ‘unexplained’ deaths. The authorities have explained that the latter were not out of the ordinary,” he said. The minister said the federal government would deploy a fact-finding committee to Kano state to ascertain the true extent of the effect of the COVID-19 in the state and find the cause of death in Kano. He said the government would put measures in place to improve the state’s efforts in fighting the spread of the disease.

Source: Twitter

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