Safety Tips during Covid19


Food poisoning is quite common in our home mostly due to poor food storage conditions (no light), bad food handling, and then people consume food just so it doesn’t waste.

Symptoms include abdominal pains, cramps about 4hrs after food consumption, stooling, sometimes vomiting might occur.

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To remedy this, it’s important to some help meds like Imodium, ORS & Zinc, however should symptoms persist, call for Urgent Medical Care.

PS: Don’t use Tetracycline, especially in children.

These period they could be a lot of heart attack if you are a smoker reduce smoking these period.

For asmatic people don’t expose yourself to dust, smoke, certain drugs, old books, these items could cause difficulty in breathing, keep Ventolin, inhaler, or nebulizer close

Sickler could be at risk of emergency these period , please have enough rest and stay hydrated, eat properly.

Pregnant women should be on alert these period .

Be mindful of items like gas , fuel, kerosene, etc these items could cause fire and inflict injuries, have a bandage and first aid kits .

Don’t panic if you have fever, mild headache etc it could not be Covid19 don’t be in haste to call Covid 19 help line, simply do a simple malaria test .

Truth be told, we all have been going outside, to buy things. As you get back, don’t rush to hold children or give them your bags to hold, make sure you clean all the items in the bag before storing, you can use disinfectants. Wash your hands after because Coronaviruses can live on some surfaces for up to 3 days, always have in mind that the surfaces you touch has been touched by someone that has the virus. If you buy food items like fruits, or vegetables, please wash with hydrogen peroxide or vinegar before storing them in fridge.

Hypo can be very useful these period for household cleaning.

Don’t repeat cloths you wore out the previous day, wash them with soap and water.

These period is a time to reflect on love, care, check on someone today, people are going through a lot these period share the little you have with your you never know the life you would have safed.

Be careful the habits you pick up- you may find it difficult to break them

Be careful what you eat- most illnesses come from what enters the mouth. Easier to gain weight than to lose it

Be mindful of relationships- a threefold cord is not easily broken.

Don’t forget to practice social distancing, avoid crowed places. Wash your hands often for 20 seconds precisely every 15-20 min.

Stay safe, stay healthy, we will overcome these together.

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