YALI Cohort 17 West Africa Program For Emerging Learders 2020

Accquiring the basic leadership skills and knowledge could be the best thing that could ever happen to ones career. As young African partaking in YALI Cohort 17 West Africa Emerging Learders Program could be a life changing experience.

The YALI RLC West Africa is accepting young African men and women who are ready to work hard to transform their country.

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These program YALI was initiated by the American government as an investment into the future generations of African leaders.

Participants are awarded YALI membership certificate and a chance into the YALI Alumni.

Participants are out through various Leardership training preparing them for their various Leardership opportunity.


YALI RLC West Africa Emerging Learders Program ( Cohort 17 ) is a merit base Program for young West African Leaders who meet up the following Criteria.

  1. Not be a citizen or permanent residents holder of US
  2. Be a citizen of the following African countries Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Liberia, Sierra Leone, The Gambia and Burkina Faso.
  3. Eligible to enter Ghana
  4. Not more than 35 years of age and not less than 18
  5. Fluent in English ( Speaking, Writing, and Listening )
  6. Application is invited deviod of Religion, Ethnicity, Sexuality, color, disability, socioeconomic status and the management of YALI reserve the right to verify and accept or turn down Application.


Participant are awarded membership certificate and become a member.

Participant are put through various Leardership training

Participants are fully sponsored to Accra Ghana.


Eligible Application are reviewed by selection panel, those who made it to the semifinal will be interviewed before the final selection is made and invitation issued to successful Applicant to join the program.

Selection is base on the following points

Applicant must demonstrate leadership skills in either, public service, entrepreneur, civic Engagement, business.

Engagement in public service, volunteering, mentorship, community service.

Ability to work in diverse group and respect others opinion.

Show commitment to apply skills acquired to the benefits of his / her home country.

Be energetic, have strong communication skill, show positive attitude, demonstrate knowledge , interest and professional experience in sectors / track record.

How To Apply

Click on the link below to apply

Application Link

For more information Click on the link below

Official Link

Please Note successful Applicant will be admitted into the online program due to Covid19 pandemic.

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