Shell North LiveWIRE program 2020

The Shell LiveWIRE programme is an intensive 8-month programme, only entrepreneurs who are committed towards sacrificing time away from their business, in order to grow their business should apply.

LiveWIRE Nigeria is a youth enterprise development programme supported by The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC). The programme operates in the Niger Delta region and aims to inspire, encourage and support young people aged 18-30 to start up their own businesses in the Nigerian states of Edo, Delta, Bayelsa, Rivers, Abia, Imo, and Akwa-Ibom.

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Shell’s LiveWIRE development programme seeks to help fuel a better energy future in Nigeria.

How To Apply

Intending Applicant for LiveWIRE are advised to watch out for the adverts in local newspapers, handbills, posters and on the website and complete application form via the link below.

Apply here

Official Link

Deadline: April 5th 2020


  • Female applicants from the Assa North PTF host communities: Assa, Awarra, Obile and Ochia and from the Assa North PTF access communities: Obitti, Umudike, Etekwu, Amafor, Obogwe, Obosima, Umuapu, Ohoba and AvuMust possess a University Degree or HND in any discipline 2.Applicant must have completed NYSC if within mandatory bracket.Must be resident in their State of Origin. 3. Applicant must not be in paid employment. 4. Applicant must have an innovative business idea. 5. Applicant must desire to own and manage a business. Must desire to own and manage a business

The LiveWIRE program provides volunteering mentoring program

Supporting small business, and encourage youth establish business by exposing them to business planing , management skills to become a successful business owner.

Provide business startup Grant for candidate who has a business plan.

Link candidate to NGO and financial institution

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