2020 Full time , Part Time Government of Telangana Fellowship Program.

For Full-time Fellow:

  1. A Fellow will be an integral part of the Innovation Cell, reporting directly to the CIO on strategic engagements and can expect significant interaction with external stakeholders.

2. Work on specific projects by taking complete ownership from conceptualisation to execution.

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3. Drive decision making through critical/thorough analysis.

4. Add value to the Innovation Cell by generating innovative ideas, and satisfying results.

For Part-time Fellow

Anyone who is currently working in an organisation and will not able to work full-time, but still would like to contribute parallelly to the fellowship are eligible to apply.

The contribution could be anything in terms of building the ecosystem with your past and current experience.

Willing to establish a stakeholder relationship within your network for the Innovation-ecosystem of the State of Telangana.

Requirements :

Bachelor’s degree in Arts/Commerce/Basic Sciences/Law/ Engineering/Management

At least 1 year work experience

Good management skills with experience in leadership in work or college level

Deadline: April 10 2020

Successful Applicant will be contacted in May 1st 2020

Program start June 2020

For more info contact :

Email: cinno[at]telangana.gov.in

To Apply click on the link below

Official Link

Please Note: Full time receives a paid Scholarship

Part-time is volunteer driven

Sharing is Caring


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